New York City Fashion Week Spring 2009: Gottex

What: Gottex Runway Show, Bryant Park Tent, New York City Fashion Week Spring 2009

The Lowdown: The model above embodies just one theme of Gottex’s varied Spring 2009 collection—the tropics: the colors of a sunset appeared again and again whether it was in abstract, almost painterly exotic lilies or orange suits adorned with gold or a chain of tropical flowers acting as a bathing suit strap. And as in Diane von Fursternberg’s show, there were also literally blooms in the models’ hair. But the tropics was only one thread running through Gottex’s bathing suits; there was also the omnipresent nautical theme—which we especially liked when designer Frazer Harrison cleverly used the symbol of an anchor to attach a top and bottom to make a cut-out one-piece or as part of a print. Most other suits were brightly colored with gold or ribbon-like embellishments, and cut-out bathing suits were prevalent, as were sheer, draped cover-ups. On the accessories front, we loved the huge, floppy hats, long, bold earrings, and dark-lensed sunglasses. Most of these suits are practical for haute couture models only, but we appreciated the one-piece bathing suits that left more rather than less to the imagination, and we fell for the skirted bikini bottoms.

Budget Solution: When it comes to bathing suits, we pay attention to practicality, comfort and confidence as well as price. With that being said, many of Gottex’s designs serve as inspiration for our shopping when swimsuit season arrives again. Target’s monokini helps us get on board with the cut-out one piece trend while saving our bank accounts from extinction. The orange of this bikini, again from Target, is reminiscent of the tropical motif in Gottex’s show, while this halter top bikini from Victoria’s Secret has some of the crisscross action we spotted on some of the Gottex suits.

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