New York City Fashion Week Spring 2009: Cynthia Steffe

What: Cynthia Steffe Runway Show, Salon, New York City Fashion Week Spring 09

The Lowdown: Pure white, pure clear colors (red, blue, green), and just enough balance of Spring’s favorite new neutral—black—made the Cynthia Steffe show a favorite of ours, even if some of the elements are things we’ve seen repeatedly over the last couple of days. The pocketed skirts, for example, and the cinched waists, and the bustier detailing, and the filmy ruffles. Which might seem redundant at this point if we didn’t pretty much love them all. So other than color choice, what stood out on the Cynthia Steffe runway? Lots and lots of flirty chic florals (red and white, in particular, and blue and white, for clean grown-up versions). The accessories, when there were any, were curious, however—dramatic yes, but we’re thinking that black sequined visors and black fingerless gloves probably won’t make it into most women’s spring rotation this time around . . .

Budget Solution: First, if you picked up a red and white floral dress this summer (as there were a few cute budget versions around, like this dress at Forever21 for just $24.80) keep it handy—it’ll be spot on for Spring 09. Likewise, those black patent belts from last fall and this fall will be put to good use, on said floral dresses in particular. Look now at Target for versions ranging from skinny to wide —all will work beautifully.

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