Get Visual New Years Eve Beauty Tips with These 5 Rockin’ Holiday Styles!

Ladies, there are only two times of year when you can wear as much glitter as you want without judgment.  Am I right?  Halloween, of course, and New Year’s Eve! With the second holiday coming up faster than you know it, it’s time to plan out which incredible beauty look you’re going to be rocking at this year’s New Year’s Eve party. We hope you get inspired by the five fabulous stylesalong with our nifty New Years Eve beauty tips below.

Rock the Party Night with These New Years Eve Beauty Tips

Bright Eyes

For this look, you should choose an eye shadow color that you love but would never wear to the office. We suggest sparkly, metallic eye shadow mostly because it can be absolutely stunning without looking clownish.  This icy teal shadow shown above looks great with dark black eyeliner and mascara. Keep the rest of your face simple with this look. For example, her nude lips are the perfect complement to the bright shadow.

Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood glamour is all about being beautiful and classic. Clean and bright skin is the first thing you need for this look. There’s no need to wear bronzers or blushes. Then, go for dramatically bold lashes (use falsies to pump up your own volume). Neutral eye shadow is preferred, because Hollywood glamour is all about the lips. Choose a deep red color, and don’t forget to style your hair too. The big waves seen above can be accomplished by using  a large barreled curling iron.

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