New Years’ Resolutions: How to Make Them to Keep Them

We all do it every year, and it’s too often that I look back at my list and wonder, “What happened to that…?” Here are the secrets to keeping your budget, health, relationship, and professional goals. The trick is that it starts with how you make them.

TBF’s New Year Resolution Tips

Set Specific Goals. How many times have you written down “Eat Healthier”? But what does that even mean? Giving yourself tangible and achievable goals with an exact “success” point will make your resolutions much easier to keep. For example, instead of saying that you plan to “eat healthier,” state “I will eat three pieces of fruit a day.” Sounds easier, right?
Write Them Down. For days before NYE, I often find myself daydreaming about potential resolutions. Write every morning for an hour? Do yoga three times a week? Call my brother once a week? By the day my time is up, I’ve thought about dozens of different resolutions, and most of them I can’t even remember. Writing down your resolutions will keep them in mind, and make them real. Take the next step by sharing them with supportive friends to truly bring them to life!


Keep It Fun. Resolutions are more about living than suffering to achieve. Every year, I get my gal pals together for a supportive round of goal sharing. Then, throughout each month, we check in with each other, offer advice, cheer on successes, and laugh it all out!

Reward Achievement. Did you eat your daily fruit this week? Go to yoga? Call your brother? Reward yourself! Pick a treat every week that you’ll give yourself when you check off your list of to-do’s. I always love the enrichment rewards like buying a book or getting my nails done.

Check In. It’s important that your goals are attainable. If you can’t seem to fit in three yoga classes a week because they are too expensive or the studio schedule doesn’t offer classes when you have the time, adjust your goals. Perhaps the three yoga classes a week become “park meditation and self-guided practice” three times a week, or perhaps a “yoga video at home.” Be flexible – the goal is to improve your life by the actions (not necessarily the achievement)!

Now it’s your turn. Tell us, what are YOUR New Year Resolutions?

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