New Year, New You: 5 Free, Easy, and Life-Changing New Year Goals You Can Start Doing Right Now

4. Take a Walk. If gyms aren’t your thing but you want to keep fit, start walking. Walking lets you work through all of your thoughts, hear your own inner voice, and wind down from a long day. It helps your circulation, your breathing and your sleep. Plus, it’s just so easy! You have time to walk, you do. Buy yourself a pair of Saucony Shadow 6000 shoes and you’ll be hard-pressed to get yourself to stop walking!

5. Pick Up a Pen. We all love getting mail, so make it a goal to send more letters and cards. Reach out to old lost friends, write a letter to your mom, your sister, your grandparents… the point is, pick up a pen and write! Hopefully you still remember how penmanship works but worry not, it’s like riding a bike. You’ll be amazed to see the reciprocity that can come from simply sending some nice letters.

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