Welcome to the New Year: Kathryn’s Fashion Predictions

It’s a new year and time for my annual fashion predictions. Now some of my predictions are more wishful thinking (Marc Jacobs at Macy’s) than true predictions (cocktail rings and head scarves). But nonetheless, it’s still fun to speculate on what trends will rule our closets in the new year.

1. Cocktail rings and head scarves will be the must have accessories.
2. The skinny chain belt will replace the wide patent leather belt as the must have belt.
3. Fine cotton knits (more Kenzo than St. Johns), will make a big comeback.
4. Dresses will continue to reign supreme on and off the runway
5. Fashionistas will start to wear sequins during the day
6. Marc Jacobs will do a mass market line with a major mass retailer (perhaps Macy’s? They really need the help)
7. The ‘Sex and the City’ movie will totally change the way women dress. Again. And 99% of the people who try to dress like the characters will look ridiculous.
8. Green will replace gray as the new “it” color.
9. Nordstroms, Top Shop, and Colette will open in New York City.
10.Thrifting will continue to rise as more and more people struggle to look great on a budget.
11. Gap will continue to do well by focusing on what we love best about the store—classic causal wear.
12. Uggs will make a huge comeback and the fashion world will except them as a fact of life.
13. HSN and QVC will become “cool” as more and more designers premiere lines on the homes shopping networks.
14. Women will start to wear boots year around and someone will create a “sandal boot”.
15. Celebrities will clamor to make their own mass market “fashion lines” as the union issues in hollywood cuts into their big paychecks. I see a Jamie Lynn Spears teen maternity line in the works.

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