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We’ve long been fans of at TBF, as a source for picking up designer clothes for less (which isn’t a necessity, but certainly eases the bottom line for the designer-addicted among us). We have to admit though, we haven’t always been fans of their site design. Apparently, Shopbop wasn’t either, and—to the great delight of those of us who peruse these sites as part of our living—decided a redesign was in order. But is newer really better? Let’s see.

Our Review: A good sign? Looks like Shopbop took cues for their redesign directly from user comments, which is always a good place (maybe the only place) to start. Another good sign is that they didn’t just plop the new site online with no explanation—navigate to the site and you’ll find a welcome page that guides you through all the changes, and even includes some of the user comments that inspired them. Nice to see a retailer actually responding to its customers. We like.

And the changes themselves? A big improvement. One of our beefs (and apparently a sentiment shared by lots of users) is that in each category, you would get a tiny window of items that you had to them scroll down endlessly through, without being able to sort in any logical way and suffer through frequently painfully slow scrolling to boot. Now, you can shop and sort by size, price, brand, so that you see only what you are ACTUALLY looking for.

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