New Kids Line from Avril Lavigne

What: Celebrity Fashion Designer and pop singer Avril Lavigne is extending her influence onto the pre-teen crowd. Her Abbey Dawn collection, currently sold at Kohl’s, will feature clothes for the kiddos later this month.

What Avril Says:

“We have a really cute zebra hoodie with ears, and I’m like, ‘Can I fit into the extra large? Because I really like these!’

What We Say: If you’ve got some younger fashionistas in your family, this will likely be a budget-friendly way to get them into the latest trends. We’re just not so sure Avril’s style will translate well to the little ones. Isn’t she all skulls and crossbones? It’ll be amusing, to say the least, to see this PG line of hers…and we have to wonder if this move is a little inspired by the recent Twilight craze; vampires and Avril’s gothic tendencies kinda go hand in hand.

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