New Fragrance from Jennifer Lopez, Do You Care?

What: Jennifer Lopez recently scrapped her Sweetface fashion line, but don’t think she’s done with the fashion world just yet. Now she’s launched a new fragrance called – MyGlow –, a follow up to her many other scents, including Miami Glow and Glow after Dark. Let us guess… the theme is “glow?” This particular perfume was inspired by her 16-month-year-old twins, featuring “lavender, water lily, freesia, white rose, wet leaves, peony, casablanca lily, skin musk, sandalwood, precious woods and heliotrope.”

What We Say: Wonder why so many celebs are churning out the fragrance lines? Well, it’s because it a very profitable business- it takes less than $5.00 to make one bottle of the type of fragrance that celebs like J.Lo hawk for more than $40 bucks. Also fragrances are considered affordable luxuries, so during a down economic time when people can’t afford $2,000 purses, they can afford $40 bottles of perfume.

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