New Celebrity Line, Laloo: Green Fashion

Laloo means “I love you” in the personal tongue of actress Rashida Jones’s young goddaughter – and provides the name for Jones’s new organic clothing line, concocted with pal Amanda Wilcox. Jones and Wilcox live in t-shirts, and their collection is built around their own sartorial style. Featuring ultra-soft tops and tank dresses, everything is made of the highest quality organic cotton.

The line is well named – we fell hopelessly in love with the blue tank dress (pictured above). We may have even whispered its translation to the picture once or twice, but you didn’t hear it from us. You might be a little less enamored of the prices – $80 isn’t the most budget friendly number for a tank dress – but the trend-transcending cut and cozy but durable cotton might make it a worthy investment. (Our sources report that the cotton really is as soft as it looks.)

Laloo’s premiere collection also includes capris, tank tops, and short and long sleeved tees. We’re not convinced we need a $50 tank top anytime soon, but the rest of the line is going on the wish list. Perfect for fashion mavens who like low-maintenance comfort that won’t be out of style by its third washing. To snag a piece of Rashida Jones’s eco-friendly style, hit up your local green boutiques or go online.

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