Looking for Everyone’s Bright Side: So we did something we kind of enjoy doing from time to time anyway: people watch! (Oh, you know you do it too!) We hit malls, coffee shops and downtowns with our neon radar cranked way up. There were quite of bit of beige and denim shorts, lots of white sundresses, oversized black sunglasses and (yes, yes!) neon . . . but (sigh) it was a mere nail color.

Folake Kuye Huntoon

Credit: Style Pantry
The stunning Folake Kuye Huntoon, who can wear neon.

Neon, nonetheless, but itsy bitsy neon.

So, what’s the deal with this see-me-from-outer-space hue?

Our Not so Shocking Conclusion: You know that baseball phrase “going, going . . . gone?” Well it’s kinda like that. Although neon’s not entirely gone, it’s graciously taken a backseat to its more flattering color relative, “brights.” It’s around but seems to have been reduced to making appearances on smaller items like accessories or on clutches—and even that’s not very common.
Think of a meteor streaking across the sky. Neon came in fast and furious, an unexpected burst of outrageous color that took us and our neon-less world by surprise. It was bright and exciting at first, but its color (and intrigue) faded almost as fast as it appeared and now appears to be very much on its way out.

What do you think about neon? Do you agree that the fluorescent hues are withering away? What neon shades did you (or do you still) wear?