Nellie’s Dryerballs: Product Review


Let us just say off the bat that we’ve been looking for a way to rid our lives of dryer sheets. We actually like the method dryer sheets. They do a great job on static clean but at five dollars for thirty-two sheets, the cost is a bit much and we can’t reuse the dryer sheets the way we would a non-wet version. And as for the regular dryer sheets — your everyday big box of sheets for a good price — we’ve never found one we’re overjoyed by, our number one complaint being a sort of film left behind on the clothes.

So we were very excited to have the opportunity to review Nellie’s Dryerballs. Nellie’s Dryerballs claim to be able to soften fabrics naturually, reduce drying time, reduce lint and wrinkles (and of course, therefore reduce ironing). All with the aide of two little blue spikey balls. Sounds good, eh? Let’s try it out and see if it lives up to the fuss!

Paige first tried Nellie’s Dryerballs with a regular load of mixed colored clothes. The dryerballs come in a pack of two and the instructions tell us to throw both in the dryer with the wet laundry. We wanted to try one ball first, and guess what? It worked, as far as static clean went! Paige was verrrrry impressed. While the FAQ page of Nellie’s website says that the dryerballs do not fully eliminate static (they only help to prevent it) in Paige’s first test she felt that the dryerballs over-performed! P.S. According to Nellie, climate and over drying are the main causes for static. Additional things you can do to help reduce static are:
– Decrease drying time
– Use less detergent
– Separate synthetics from the rest of your clothes

The one thing to note was that in the first test, Paige did not notice a significant reduction of drying time.

Paige’s next two tests included the ever-popular towel test. Paige again started with the one dryerball with the load of towels. This test did not perform as well. There was no reduction of drying time and there was still some static cling. OK, Nellie, we’ll go along with your instructions and try two dryerballs! Another load of wet towels, two dryerballs and away we go.

Well? It worked…with flying colors! Paige noted a fifteen minute reduction of drying time from the first load of towels to the second. In addition, there was nary a trace of static cling. Impressive. How do they cut down on drying time? According to Nellie, as the dryerballs tumble around in your dryer they lift and separate your clothes. This allows air to flow more efficiently throughout your dryer thus decreasing your drying time

Nellie’s Dryerballs are your new best budget laundry buddy. For twenty dollars, plus tax, the dryerballs will last you 3-5 years. That works out to around four dollars a year – and you’ll also save on your electricity on top of not having to buy fabric softeners. With two boxes of fabric softener costing twenty dollars and lasting one to two months in an average household, your dryerballs will pay for themselves in their first use.

How do you get your hands on this fabulous product? Head on over to their website and buy Nellie’s Dryerballs online, or use their search tool to find a retailer near you.

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