Neiman Marcus is threatening to sue me….

See, I can talk about Neiman Marcus and can even use photos from their online site, but only IF I suggest that you ONLY shop at Neiman Marcus in the post. It’s okay to use their pictures, if I turn my blog into free advertising space for the store.

Even though writing about this will probably put me on the sh*t list of not only Neiman Marcus, but other stores as well, I think it’s important to let shoppers know how the game is played. And it doesn’t only affect the blog, but my book as well. For example, some stores wouldn’t sell my book, even though people in the companies in question bought the book, because it mentions other stores.  One company, whose evilness we all know and love, even had the nerve to say if I removed a competitor from the book they would “consider carrying it in their stores.” Needless to say, the competitor stayed and the book just went to its second printing without being carried by the store (thanks to my fellow bloggers, who help me promote the book via a blogroots marketing effort)

What this all boils down to is the difference between a blog and a magazine. Blogs, although this is changing, are run by people with no corporate bosses to worry about.  On this other hand, magazines, are run by people who do have corporate bosses, which is why they’re afraid to criticize stores like Neiman Marcus for fear they’ll pull their advertising dollars and make their corporate bosses angry. That is why, for the most part, advertisers control the content you see in magazines. I know for a fact that there would be a hurricane in hell before “Needless Mark-up” would advertise on my site, so why not suggest alternatives to the store?

However, there is a bright side to this… at least the folks at Neiman Marcus read the blog, and I heard they have internet access in jail.

Read a copy of the email from Neiman Marcus’s attorney…..

To whom it may concern:
It has come to our attention that your website,, is using one or more images from  Please see the link below, which contains a photo, copyright Neiman Marcus.
Please cease using this photo immediately, and Neiman Marcus will not take further action with respect to this infringement.  In the future, kindly contact (omitted name) online for advance permission to use images from the website.  Her email address is: Please be aware that permission will not be granted for the use of images where your blog suggests other websites to buy merchandise.
Please acknowledge your agreement with this notice as soon as possible.

Note: I did remove the picture