Even TV Shows Get Fashion Lines: Necessary Objects for The O.C

The Fox TV show The O.C. recently joined forces with the line Necessary Objects and Amazon.com’s Apparel & Accessories Store to bring you the Necessary Objects for The O.C. The line looks like it was designed by a disgruntled former employee of the mall based store Bebe. Furthermore, Necessary Objects’ clothing aren’t very well made. I highly doubt you would see Mischa Barton wearing any of the items from the collection. However, the cap-sleeved sweater shown on the left (retail price: $48.00) would look great under this season’s tweed suits.

I’m really upset with Fox. Why didn’t they put together a Beverly Hills 90210 clothing line? No one could rock a biker short/mini skirt combo like Brenda, Kelly, and Donna (forget about Andrea).

To see the exclusive Necessary Objects for The O.C. Collection go to Amazon’s Apparel & Accessories Store.

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  1. Daniella says

    I have to say, it is pretty cheesy that there will be “The OC” clothing out there.  But I want to defend Necessary Objects clothing.  It’s a perfectly fine and affordable department store line.  I disagree with that statement that “it is not well-made.”  I think it fits my curvy figure very well.

  2. Molly says

    The N.O. top pictured is really cute in real life.  I saw it at Loehmann’s this weekend for $24.99 (I think).  Not worth $48, but definitely worth around $20-25.

  3. Drew says

    I think its pretty cheesy also. Does anyone actually buy items just BC they’re associated with a show? Do they think they’ll walk out of the dressing room looking like Mischa Barton? Their fabrics are not even remotely decent quality and overpriced on top of it. I wouldn’t buy unless it was on discount at a store such as Loehmanns. I’ve had plenty of tops get ruined after one or two wears. There are plenty of other juniors labels out there that are much better.

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