How to Achieve the Natural Look

Powder Your Nose

Powder Your Nose

It sounds a bit old timey, but it still works! Add a bit of powder to your nose (and lightly brush it on your forehead, cheeks, and chin too if you like). This will prevent your skin from looking too shiny, something you definitely want to avoid if you’re going for the natural look.

Skip the Heavy Liner and Eyeshadow

Skip the Heavy Liner and Eyeshadow

You can wear a nude eye shadow and even lightly trace your eyes with a natural brown pencil if you’re careful. Just try not to apply it too thickly or overdo it so you can still achieve natural look you’re going for.

A Little Mascara Goes a Long Way

A Little Mascara Goes A Long Way

Mascara can make your eyes pop like no other product. For the natural look, curl your eyelashes first and apply one coat of mascara. You can ditch your “blackest black” mascara for dark brown or even use clear mascara for separation and lengthening without the color.

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