My Spring Fashion Picks

Hands down spring is my favorite time of year—influenced greatly by the fact that my birthday falls right in the middle of this glorious season. Besides my birthday (April 5th—well wishes and gifts are accepted), spring is also when fashion sheds its wool covered skin, and exposes it vibrant, silk drenched self. During spring, a person can actually start to look and feel cute—an almost impossible feeling to capture during winter, when you are dressed in 10 layers of clothing. The transitional nature of the seasons lends to colors that shock you out of your fashion hibernation. One of the hottest colors this season is the Lilly Pulizter.

What I love most about this season is the fact that I can finally throw my “they-are-no-longer-in-style-but-they-are-warm” cheap UGGs in the back of my closet and break out the sandals and sexy pumps. I must force myself to get a pedicure (which is a must if you are going to wear sandals—heel crust is not stylish). If your cheap, the cost of a pedicure is well worth it if you have a pair of gorgeous spring shoes like the ones featured on

Granted they cost more than rent, but they sure are pretty! The gold Gucci shoes are the most beautiful shoes I have seen in a very long time. Since the retail price is $1,250 and my chances of winning the New York State Lottery are slim, they will not be a part of my spring closet (or winter, or fall). However, I’m going to print out the page and take it to with me to DSW and see if they have a similar, cheaper version. As for the real thing, I am going to make an effort to visit them from time to time at the Gucci Boutique on Fifth Avenue.

For my birthday, I might even try them on and walk around the store for a bit. A little birthday present to myself.