My Shopanion Mobile App Review

We’ve all heard the old (not really) adage: There’s an app for that. I think we can all agree there’s an app for most everything these days, shopping included, and maybe especially. So, always on the lookout for the next great deal-finding tool, we decided to investigate a new app called Shopanion to see if it was worth the download.

Our Review: At first glance, it seemed that most of the things Shopanion boasts about can be found on plenty of other apps so naturally, we were skeptical. Taking photos of items while you’re shopping, sharing them on Facebook and Twitter, scanning barcodes to compare prices, shopping online, etc. All of these things can be done on other mobile apps. However, we played around with Shopanion for a little while to see if it could usurp these other trusty applications and truly be our forever shopping companion.

We browsed their categories and checked out some apparel, shared our pics, and scanned some barcodes. It worked pretty well and was certainly user friendly.

Now, here’s why we might actually use Shopanion and it can be summed up in one word: convenience. Sure, we have other apps to cover our shopping habits but the way Shopanion utilizes a central location for all these functions is actually quite nifty. You could go to a store, find an item you like and use various mobile applications to scan it and compare, and then maybe even upload it on Facebook, OR you can open up Shopanion and do all this from its main page. Also, within the app, there is a social network where you can add “friends” and share with them.

Verdict: Basically, if you are a frequent shopper with an iPhone or iPad, and often utilize various mobile functions to update friends, get opinions, price check and the like, we say Yea. Shopanion is not a bad app to have and its free, so why not?

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