Website Review: My Girlfriend’s Closet

Photo credit: Surroundings

What: My Girlfriend’s Closet serves as a virtual swap meet for those wanting to clean their closet, earn a profit, and restock cheaply. 

The Lowdown: It’s the virtual equivalent of raiding your best friend’s closet. You can shop for products or sell your own closet’s buried treasures. If you simply want to get rid of clothing (without selling), the site offers the option of donating the goods to Dress for Success, a remarkable organization that outfits underprivileged women with professional attire to make the transition into the working world a smoother one.

The clothing listed is pretty impressive. I found these Stella McCartney tweed pumps ($55), a Catherine Maladrino silk blouse ($30), and a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater ($80). Brands like Express and Gap sell for much less. Joining the Satin Hanger Club will give you 10% off on every purchase.

Yea or Nay: Yea. Earn money, buy designer goods, and help a charity: all good stuff. However, you’re item would probably sell faster on eBay.


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