My Fashion Plate: Site Review

Even the most organized among us occasionally opens the closet to get dressed and find that our beloved wardrobe somehow, when we weren’t looking, has become one hot mess. Too much shopping (we’re all guilty), and not enough time sorting and strategizing, have left us standing there scratching our heads, knowing we only have 3.6 minutes to put together a killer outfit before we’re late. So how to get organized once and for all? How about putting your closet online? That’s the theory behind anyway. Sounds complicated, but we’ll see.

Our Review: bills itself as a resource to organize your clothes and track your outfits, to make mixing and matching—and knowing exactly what you have—a no brainer. The concept is cool. Upload pics of your clothes (either ones you’ve taken yourself or from shopping sites online) and use the tools provided to organize, assemble outfits, and even create shopping lists for exactly what you’re lacking.

And here’s something your actual closet cannot offer—a “personal stylist” to help you coordinate, and the option of asking for help from your community—so if you’re not sure if those snakeskin pumpswill work with that leopard print dress, just ask (and for the record, we’re pretty sure they won’t).

Being bargain stylistas, we also dig the budget tool—it’s simple, but basically you put in how much you have to spend in a particular month and name your budget (for example, “Workwear”) and as you spend, enter your totals and the site tells you how much you have left to spend. Yes, we can do this in our own checkbook but this kind of visual reinforcement helps keep us on track, so we like.

The Verdict: It’s a yea. Our only complaint? Having to photograph each and every piece in our closet and upload—we’re not sure, honestly, if we’re THAT committed to this level of organization, but if you can get past that little project you might find yourself feeling like you’ve got one up on Martha Stewart. Or at least the folks on Clean House.

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