My Eco Valentine: 5 Great Gifts under $25

Every holiday is an opportunity to shop in an environmentally manner.  OK, we know you hear this from us all the time.  But just think…if the only thing you change this year is making a conscious effort to spend your gift dollars on gifts that take the environment into consideration, that’s one big change! Not only are you spending your dollars in a more conscious manner, you’re also telling retailers that you care about the environment.  Consequently, they will support more environmentally friendly manufacturers. That’s consumerism, friends!

With that in mind, we wanted to give you a list of 5 great gifts we found under $25.

All-natural dark chocolate covered peanut butter brittle from Endangered Species Chocolate $7.00

Star of Holland Amaryllis from Tulip World, the only organic bulb online store, $6.28

“Eat Organic” organic cotton panties, $16.00 Oh la la!

Donate a share of rabbits, $10 @ Heifer International, to a need family, in your sweetie’s name.  ‘Cuz, you know…they multiply like bunnies!

H. Coturri & Sons Pinot Noir Lost Creek 2001, $17.69

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