Murses: Purses for Men

“Why are there no accessories for men?” a very close male friend asked one day over brunch.

I tried to point out to him that men have ties, cuff links, watches, and if you from Queens, gold chains. As I started to explain the power of gold chains, especially when nestled against a hairy chest, I realized that my friend was right—there are few accessory options for men. Especially men who are bound by the confines of heterosexuality.


Ties have become more fun and varied in the past couple of years, but ascots, a very stylish alternative to the traditional tie, has yet to rise to their full potential. Male watches and cufflinks seem to follow a standard theme: the more metal, the better. Someone could develop a male version of this season’s hottest trend—brooches. Instead of jewel encrusted flowers, man brooches could be jewel encrusted NASCAR logos or miniature x-boxes. Unfortunately the brooch option does not exist (yet).

There is an option, a genre that previous has been occupied by only women . . . handbags. For centuries, women have known the power of a good purse in adding that panache to an otherwise boring outfit. It is about time that men realized the power of the purse as well. Now, most men will not go out and buy that new Kate Spade bag to match their new gray three button suit, but Coach does have masculine “European carry-alls” (man speak for “purse”). In fact, I found one last month at my favorite store, Off 5th, for $99.90, about a $200 savings off the original price. I purchased it for my friend and he was the toast of the water cooler the next day.

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