Who Has it Cheaper: Muk Luks Boots

For the past three winters, Muk Luks have poised a serious challenge to the reigning queen of ugly boots, Uggs. Like their chief competitor, the Muk Luks are unattractive comfy shoes that for, $100+, allows you to be somewhat hip while staying warm. Unlike their chief competitor, Muk Luks actually have a real insole and hard plastic sole (which means the boots will last more than one winter season) and you can find them on sale at places like Overstock and Target. So who has muk luks boots cheaper? Discount departments stores Walmart or Target or Overstock.com, the online outlet store.

Find the answer after the jump.

Who Has Muk Luks Boots Cheaper?

Answer: Winner: Walmart.com. Wal-mart had the boots $15 cheaper than Overstock.com ($113.99) and over $25 cheaper than Target.

Buy: Muk Luks at WalMart.com

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