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Ever wish you could pick up some cool independent pieces—like the ones the celebs all seem to know about—without having to fly to some boutique in L.A. or New York? Well, in the true spirit of the Internet age, brings independent fashion to you. So, now that the boutique is in your living room, can you really wear independent fashion? And, more importantly, can you afford it? Read on …

Our Review: First of all, just what the heck is “independent” fashion, exactly? It is, of course, pieces by small designers, deemed hip by the fashion powers that be but not part of a major label or line, and not sold in department stores. Meaning, of course, that there was a time that only those in chic, fashion-forward parts of the world could easily get their hands on such pieces.

More and more, however, we’re seeing sites specializing in independent designer goods. Even so, often those pieces are still waaay out of our budget fashion price range (and thus frequently offend our budget fashion sensibilities). So does bring us independent fashion we can actually work into our wardrobe and budget? In a word, sometimes., as a site, is well-designed and easy to use, allowing you to browse categories, view by brand, zero in on new arrivals, or visit special Moxsie jewelry and sneaker “shops”. Each brand page gives you a quick overview of the brand/designer (a little fashion education never hurts, and it’s always good to know exactly what you’re wearing should anyone ask …). Elevating our shopping mojo? The fact that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to the charity of your choice ( has a list of charities they support, including worthy causes such as The Hunger Project, the Autism Society of America, and Dress for Success).

So on to the selection. While “independent” can mean out of our price range, here we found plenty to pique our interest without destroying our bottom line. Are we going to drop $300 on a Cotton Iridescent Military Jacket? Not likely. But as any good budget fashionista knows, deals on designer goods are just a matter of taking the time to look. Because clicking over to Lamixx, we found this sexy Madison V-Pocket Diamond Dress for a mere $59. Oh, did we mention free shipping and free returns? Nice.

The Verdict: Yea. Cool, edgy-yet-wearable, and if you look hard enough, affordable pieces. We also love the idea of supporting independent designers who aren’t backed by big retailers or financiers, and the charity angle is an added value bonus.

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