Now Showing: Your Shopping Habits — How Your Summer Movie Choice Reveals Your Buying Behavior


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What: Today’s news on Mashable is certainly… interesting. Apparently, your summer movie choice is directly relevant to your shopping habits–including the items that you like to spend your moolah on!

What They Say:

Mindset surveyed 1,300 people, finding that those with different personalities are more likely to be jazzed about different upcoming summer blockbusters. The company extrapolated those results to match people’s movie preferences to their probable buying habits.

What We Say: So basically, it’s not enough that stores like Target can predict which trimester your pregnancy is on; now retailers want to think that they can sell you stuff based on the movies that you randomly selected / were coerced to watch this summer.

If you opt to see how Andrew Garfield stacks up against Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, it means you are most likely an optimistic Martha Stewart-esque character who’s also a rom-com fan with an environmentalist streak. This will also explain why you might get advertisements from Prius, Tide, or upcoming Emma Stone films.

On the other hand, Snow White and the Huntsman is predicted to appeal to “highly creative” folks, so expect that Mac Cosmetics and Apple will set their eyes on you.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to take the numbers seriously because the logic behind the forecasting technology sound more like a shopping horoscope than a well-researched study. At best, it’s bad stereotyping.

One good thing that’ll come out of this? We’ll know which products to poke fun on when we see their “targeted, relevant ads”.

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