Motion-Powered Phone Charger: Go Green

We’ve all heard about solar , wind and water energy, but have you ever heard of motion creating enough electricity to charge a phone? Well, now you have — M2E (motion to energy–not very creative) Power is a company that formed last year to reach this milestone in green energy, and they’ve done it, according to There is a lithium ion battery, coils, and magnets inside the charger. When the device moves, an electromagnetic field forms to generate electricity. The idea is to leave the phone charger in your purse or backpack and take it when you on all your day-to-day activities, charging up all the while. When the device is fully charged it should charge a phone at the speed of a regular old electrical outlet. The charger will be released next year, and we hope it fits our budget, because we’d love to purchase a green one.

What do you think of this high-tech device? Comment below!

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