Fashion Gone Stupid: The World’s Most Expensive Handbag

GinzaTanaka, the Japanese jewelry firm who created the world’s most expensive handbag last year, is finally putting the handbag up for sale for one very stupid lucky buyer.

The 1.63 million dollar 1.9 million dollar bag, currently on display in London for its Jewelry Week, is made of pure platinum and 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 carats. In order to reduce the cost per wear of the purse, the diamond strap may be removed and worn as a necklace and the 8 ct diamond pendant on the front of the bag may be worn as a brooch. While the versatility of the bag is ,umm, admirably, the design looks like something you could purchase at Claire’s boutique.

Now, I wonder if it has a cell phone holder?

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  1. kellylynn says

    Uh……. yeah, that bag is ridiculous. For 1.9 mil, it’d better at LEAST be able to bake me some cookies and clean my room. Seriously. At least it’s probably heavy enough to give any potential purse snatchers a concussion.

  2. Fashion Fetish says

    How ridiculous! Why would anyone buy such an impractical bag? Although I have to say that the way the parts of the bag can be worn as accessories is clever, it’s still very impractical. It literally costs a fortune, an arm, a leg, and kidney!

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