Mossimo for Target Spring 2012 Collab: Colors, Colors, and Even More Colors

Over the years, Target and Mossimo’s partnership has continued to delight us budget fashionistas with their fresh, contemporary pieces. This season’s collection continues the great trend, with the launch of Mossimo┬« Spring 2012 Apparel Collection.

We’re seeing a good mix of soft brights, pastels, nature motifs and romantic flowy fabrics; with skinny jeans and colored cut-offs for the ladies. Men, on the other hand, can expect a lot more color in their usually conservative wardrobe–with bright hoodies, tees, shirts… and neon swim trunks, if they’re down with that, too.

Mossimo Supply Co. for Target is available exclusively at Target and, with a quite reasonable price range of $8.00 to $39.99

Mossimo for Target Spring 2012 Collection

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