Mosaic Recycled Placemat: Go Green

There are some things that are just awkward to recycle. Water bottles, easy. Pizza boxes, not so much. Some city recycling rules don’t allow items that have held food, others do. Lucky for those of us who are easily confused, some innovative designers are making use of some of those borderline waste products.

CB2 is exclusively selling this mosaic recycled placemat made from shredded juice boxes and milk cartons. Isn’t it fab? The mats are tan and cream with various colors of bright bits depending on if you got the Mott’s or the Sunny D version, which is one thing we love about recycled products. They’re rarely alike due to the nature of the materials, so you get one of a kind finds while doing good.

True to its rep, CB2, the hipper, younger, (cheaper) sibling of Crate and Barrel is selling these cool pads for only $6.95. You can get a whole slew or a select few. Either way you can pull these out and celebrate the beverages of your childhood, while sipping something a little more age-appropriate as this mat is water- and moisture-resistant. The mosaic is also designed not to chip or crack under the weight of your adult fare, so display the placemat during summer funner times or your multi-course dinner party. The mosaic is at home at either.

image courtesy of CB2.

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