Morning Routines, Fake Fragrances, and Your True Color


Fall is back in full force and so were your opinions in this week’s daily polls.  In case you missed the action, here’s a recap of what happened here at TBF:

~ There’s an old saying, “the early bird catches the worm”, but not everyone is happy to wake up with the sun. When we asked readers about their morning routines, most (43%) said they wake up about an hour before they have to leave, take a shower, get dressed and go, while 26% shower the night before.  11% wake up a few hours early to shower, do their hair, press, their clothes, and do their make up and a motivated 5% even add in a work-out.  The remainder, an easy-going 12% just roll out of bed and go.

~ We all know the stereotypes about blondes, brunettes, and redheads, but are they true? 50% of readers said their hair color, whether natural or not, reflects their personality, while 7% of non-blondes say that’s their true color.  A surprising 20% feel that they’re really brunettes at heart, 8% are redheads, and 12% feel like they’re really more like a rainbow of colors.

~ The satchel bag is a hot look for fall, but is the classic look worth paying a hefty price tag? 35% of readers said “no”, but they will be looking for less expensive versions in thrift shops and discounters like Target.  20% would spend up to $100, while only 6% would pay more than that.  Another 20% said they’ll pass on this trend and 13% will recycle similar bags from previous seasons.

~ You’ve all seen the ad that says “Fakes are never in fashion”, but it usually refers to knock-off bags and accessories.  Brands like Designer Imposters make designer fragrance fakes available to the masses, but most of our readers aren’t buying it.  45% would never wear a fake fragrance, while only 17% definitely would.  The remaining 32% said they might, but only if it were a dead ringer for the original.

~ If you thought botox was crazy, you’ll do a double take when you hear about skin needling, the latest trend among ladies seeking the elusive fountain of youth.  Although it’s growing in popularity, a whopping 85% of TBF readers said they would never undergo the painful procedure, while only 14% gave it the thumbs up.


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