More Budget Fashion Tips

Everyone knows I dish budget tips and fashion advice for those of us without trust funds (or those with trust funds they can’t access yet).  However, my life as stylist, fashion editor, and general feel-good Fashionista has taught more than how to score the latest trends for cheap. I’ve learned tasty bits of wisdom like fashion is cheap, but style is priceless and that pointed toed shoes give you bunions.  Below are some more lessons I’ve learned.

The Budget Fashionista’s Rules of Engagement

  • 1. Self confidence is the new black
  • 2. Fake bags are only as good as their owners
  • 3. Target is platinum and K-Mart is pewter.
  • 4. Follow the Bridge to Isaac Mizrahi, Karl Lagerfeld, and Nicole Millers cheaper lines.
  • 5. Never ever pay full price. However, if you do pay full price, do it with someone else’s credit card
  • 6. If you see a trend at Walgreen’s, it is definitely over.
  • 7. Celebrities have stylists, you have and
  • 8. If you spend too much time keeping up with the Jones, you look like the Munsters.
  • 9. You can be too thin
  • 10. Talent means nothing if you’ve got a great publicist

Got a lesson you would like to share? Send it to me.

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