More to Love About the Jimmy Choo H&M Collection

What: The world wide web’s been abuzz with leaked photos of the new Jimmy Choo H&M collection hitting stores November 14th. While most the pics have been taken down, they give us a hint of what to expect. in addition to a huge assortment of colorful and edgy shoes (ranging from stilettos to boots), shoppers can look forward to statement jewelry, studded belts, handbags, and even…brace for it…a jumpsuit.

What They Say:

Jumpsuits are a pretty polarizing garment these days, but the belted one in this line looks like it might fall on the more flattering end of the jumpsuit spectrum.

What We Say: November 14th can’t come soon enough…are you as excited as we are? We’re hoping the prices leak next…

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  1. Brianna Kilhefner says

    I’ve never heard of photos of clothing products being “leaked” onto the web, and creating a stir. H&M is probably reveling in the buzz it’s created! I’m interested, that’s for sure! :)

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