More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget

It’s probably safe to put away that winter coat right about now, but that doesn’t mean coat season is over. Iffy spring weather means keeping our options open — and the trenchcoat is a classic way to navigate the unpredictable rain, wind and (ohhhh, we hope not) snow that comes with the transition time. Fortunately, trenchcoats work with everything from a suit to jeans to a cocktail dress. Some spring trench picks we like, under $100 apiece.

trench coat 1 More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget

1. Double Breasted Trench Coat, on sale $21.99 at Wet Seal
The classic trench styling in basic black, this inexpensive version is slightly more casual with a shorter length and a cotton/poly blend … and for those of us who are trying to cut back on those pesky dry cleaning bills, it’s machine washable.

2. Belted Denim Trench Coat, $78 at Arden B.
Denim is everywhere this spring, so finding it in trench form is really no surprise. This coat offers more than just another take on denim, however, with fun details like double-breasted styling, a notch collar and tiered ruffle back. Okay, this is not the classic investment piece you’ll keep for 20 seasons to come, but it is a relatively inexpensive piece to add to your existing wardrobe, in the interest of kicking every outfit this spring up a notch. We’re just sayin.

trench coat 2 More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget

3. London Fog Double Breasted Short Trench Coat, $98 at Nordstrom More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget  More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget
A London Fog double breasted trench? Now that’s classic … but we also like the idea of making the trench new with a little kick of color. Nice.

4. Women’s Plus Belted Trench Coat, $34.99 on sale at Old Navy More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget
Budget-priced plus size trenches can be a tall order, but Old Navy More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget (one of our go-to sources for inexpensive coats, period) has what we’re looking for — in a go-with-everything beige (fine, “rolled oats”) and minimal fussy details — meaning plenty of opportunity to personalize with standout accessories.

trench coat 3 More Spring Trenchcoats on a Budget

5. Mossimo Black Volume Back Trench Coat, $39.99 at Target
This is what we think of, really, when we think of trench. While we love color and trendy fabrics, you truly cannot go wrong with neutral, all purpose, classic styling. Plus it makes us feel like Columbo.