Trader Joe’s also has this awesome moisturizer called Utterly Smooth—it’s made to be used on cow udders when they’re chapped from milking. It’s very smooth to put on and dries fast and not greasy. Very hydrating and super cheap. I think it’s $2.99 for a tub. But I go through a tub in less than a month!. From Colleen

My absolute “can’t do without” product is Neutrogena’s Advanced Solutions Facial Peel.  For only $25, I can buy a product that gives me the same gorgeous skin that I would pay hundreds for in getting spa facials and glycolic peels! From Julie

Since getting pregnant and having children I’ve become a bit of a naturalist about what I put in and on my body and my family’s. I discovered Arbonne Pure Swiss Skin Care about a year ago and will never go back! Go to to locate a representative. Prices seem pricey, but you can get significant discounts. Enjoy! from Irene