4 More Black Friday Shopping Tips

As much as we love to circulate horror stories about Black Friday, there’s also something irresistible about it.  Sure, waking up super early and rummaging through unorganized racks of stuff is no walk in the park, but if done properly, you could score some sweet deals.  Here are some tips to give you the edge when it comes to competitive shopping on Black Friday.

Have a game plan: This means setting a budget.  While we love a good deal as much as the next gal, it’s not a deal if you can’t afford it, darlin’!  Instead, know how much you can spend, and stick to your budget.  A list of wants/needs is a must too!  Your plan should also include a map route.  The possibilities of where to go are endless on Black Friday, so you want to make sure you hit all the places you need to go.  If you need to make multiple shopping stops, map out the most logical route, so you’re not wasting time on the road.

Bring ads: Our friends at keycode.com suggests checking out ads, and bringing the entire ad with you on your shopping expedition.  That way, you don’t end up arguing with a sales associate over pricing, insisting that you saw leggings advertised for $3.  It’s easier (and saner) to show advertised prices to sales clerks.  Plus, in Black Friday madness, it’s easy to forget which store advertised which deals.

Look for early bird discounts: Most of enjoy being snuggled in bed at 5am, but it may be worth it to wake up early to snag better deals.  Some stores offer tiered discounts.  For example, 30% off to shoppers who buy before 6am, but only 15% off afterwards.  Pay close attention to store discount policies and plan accordingly.

Check online afterwards: Don’t be too bummed if those cute sweaters you wanted are sold out.  According to our friends at keycode.com, tons of people overbuy on Black Friday in hopes of making a quick buck by selling their purchases on Craigslist or eBay.  (Hopefully, they’re not trying to sell Missoni boots for 31K?)


Do you have any Black Friday shopping tips to share?

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  1. jane says

    GREAT tips! So true… You need to set a budget. One year, I went berserk, and spent over $1000 on “deals.” hmmm… Was fun the day of… not so fun trying to pay off my credit card debt.

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