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Still Lacking:
We all know that hair looks especially great during the first few hours after leaving the salon.  What about after that, though?  Dictator reviews offer only passing mentions of how to maintain your new tresses after you leave the salon, if any. could benefit from providing hair care information from the user, the Dictator, or from other staff.  For now, if you find a hair style you love and replicate it at a salon, you’ll have to ask the stylist for after-care tips.  Additionally, it would be great to see a likeness-matching search function (such as that of, when the database gets bigger and their technology improves.  What if we find fabulous short bob, but the salon is far away in Houston, TX?  Not very helpful – unless we could find similar hair cuts by salons much closer to our location.  For now, we’ll have to settle for bringing the photo to our local trusted salon, to show our stylist what we want.

Verdict: In this economy, changing your hairstyle is a cheap alternative to a completely new wardrobe and we think Mopshots is the first place you should head to when looking for a new style.

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