– Get Info on Real Hairstyles via this Online Look Book for Hair is an “online lookbook for hairstyle inspiration and local salon/stylist recommendations”, with daily photos of hot new hairstyle trends submitted by readers and experts like Ted Gibson.   While the basic idea isn’t new, the internet is full of fashion look-book communities (Fab Sugar’s Look Book, for example) that share photos, compliments and critique of personal outfits, is one of the first to use the idea for hair.

Site Review:

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Citysearch: In addition to being a place to inspire one another’s hair style, provides all the relevant information about the salon and stylist responsible for the featured Mopshots.  Simply click “go there,” and Citysearch appears in a new window, with maps, directions, full address and Citysearch’s entire database of owner, editor and community reviews about the salon.

Site Basics:
You start by uploading photo(s) of great hair styles (can be your own or someone else’s), adding additional information such as the name of the styling salon, the stylist’s name, and the products used.  Then, The Dictators, (yes, “The”) who are a “team of established experts” in professional hair care, choose Mopshots for the front page, solely on the basis on how much they like it.  (Feel like you’ve got the clout to join them?  Apply here.)  When a Mopshop makes the front page, it is accompanied by all the relevant info, a quick review by a Dictator, and a tiny heart – that you click on to indicate that you like the Mopshot.  Topshots are the Mopshots with the most votes – currently 339 viewers love Sheila G’s thick long layers.

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