The Deal: 5 Summer Pastels from Modcloth 6 Sweet Summer Pastels from Modcloth

The Lowdown: We’ve often associated the spring and summer trends with striking bold colors, but for instances when we need to tone down things a bit, we can always count on the delicate pastels to give us a sweet, demure vibe. What’s more is that with the re-emergence of retro glamour, you’ll get both your girlfriends’ and dear ole Grandma’s fashion thumbs-up when wearing these pieces! Quick tip, especially for those with lighter skin: pair these soft shades with neutrals so as not to look washed up (or worse, a walking ad for cotton candy companies). For more sartorial inspiration, here are our under-$50 picks from Modcloth.

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Mint Marshmallows Top

Mint Marshmallows Top, $34.99