Yea or Nay:Moccasin Boots at Victoria Secrets

The following materials should never, EVER be involved in a single garment: faux fur, feathers, distressed metallic polyurethane. Yet Victoria’s Secret, the people who brought stirrups back,  somehow manage to combine all these materials into one single boot and we’re all made to suffer.  It’s like they went wild in the clearance bins at their local Michaels.

I know hate is a very strong word and should only be used in the rarest of occasions, but I absolutely HATE these boots.  Unlike the skirtall, which had a redeeming quality or two, I can’t find anything good about these boots. But, knowing the retail industry, someone, somewhere told the VS’s buyers that women would want to wear these boots. I want that person’s phone number.


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  1. kellyteach says

    YIKES!!!  I hope the person that marketed these to VS has a good 401(k) program ‘cause these boots are hideous.  I’m sorry to anyone who received them as a gift this holiday season – run back to the store and get store credit. VS has lots of other nice things to buy.

  2. TBF says

    If I saw someone wearing this I would probably go into some fashion rag fog…. This is so bad, it hurts. It really hurts

  3. DGT says

    Can I see a grown woman wearing these?  NO?

    Can I see the 8th graders I work with wearing them?  Yes – in an instant.

    Count me in for BLECH!

  4. Kris says

    no, these don’t look like someone went wild at Michael’s… it looks like they went kookoo at the reminents bin bin at Wal-Mart’s craft section…
    like a broke drag-queens poor version of cher, these things should not exsist….

  5. Ninjarina says

    Haven’t the Native Americans gone through enough w/ colonialists and their ancestors stealing their land and massacring their peoples? That “Indian” from the littering campaign now has something new to cry about. [/tongue in cheek]

    Honey, I couldn’t even see these on the Chief from the Village People.

  6. says

    I know I’ll be the long ranger on this one but I’m digg’n the gold boots.  Please don’t kill me!  I can’t help it….I’m a sucker for mocassions.  However in 07, I have several appointments with my shoe therapist to work through my issues.
    Happy New Year!

  7. meg says

    oh my dear… did they really do that? the creators of those horrid things must have been blindfolded and given some buffalo and pigeons to make something out of… oh dear.

  8. Melissa says

    OHHHH!!!!! My lord are we in the 20th century or back in the cave days.Bad move on victoria secrets I wonder if the models have night mares.UGH!!

  9. says

    At the risk of looking totally unfashionable…. I really like them. The fact that they come from a major designer like Victoria’s Secret Lingerie makes it even better in my opinion. Victoria’s stepping out and doing all the “wrong” things and in the wrong combinations makes a really bold statement to me that they are not “playing it fashionably safe.” I love em, and in the same breath, sure do appreciate how alot of women with 20/20 vision wouldn’t. Ain’t fashion great!

  10. Linda says

    Jody –  noooo…are you serious? Someone wears those? Wow! I know I wouldn’t be able to hold my laugh if I saw someone in those.
    Margarite Elaine – The moccasin part is not the problem of these boots at all. 😛

  11. Kate says

    The type of moccasin boots Kate Moss wears are quite nice, but these are by far the most ugly shoes I’ve seen in my life.

  12. Saira says

    I have these in bronze, for many years now. Jumped on them the minute i saw them in the catalogue. I wear them the minute it gets cold and love them! Honestly, the picture you have posted here does them no justice and if i saw them as such i wouldnt have bought them either. In any case, to each is own and i love em

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