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Mobiles aren’t for babies rooms any more. These light, colorful, and playful accessories hang from the ceiling and are the perfect way to make a spring breeze come to life. Here are some ideas and instructions on how to make your own mobile.

Leah of More Ways to Waste Time found this fabulous Frazier & Wing Paper mobiles (pictured above). The bad news is they are between $85-$200 a piece.

But here is the good news: We trolled the internet and found this fabulous DIY from Still Dottie, who shows you how to make your own mobile for less.


Origami mobiles are light and beautiful and evoke a sense of peace. We love mobiles made out of paper cranes. Here is how you do it.

What you need (you can find everything at your local dollar store):

  • Colorful pieces of paper cut into small 4�?x4�? squares—use scrapbook paper, etc. Collect these from magazines, or buy some paper from the dollar store. Use scraps of wrapping paper for added variety.
  • Ribbon
  • Thread and needle
  • 4 sticks—you can use some from outside or chopsticks from the dollar store work great too
  • Hot glue or floral wire
  • 1. First, fold your paper into cranes. Here is a fabulous video from instructables that will show you how to do it.

    How To Fold An Origami Paper Crane (Orizuru)

    2. Take your sticks and lay them out into a square. Make sure the ends overlap like the corners of a log cabin. Secure the ends using floral wire or hot glue.
    3. Cut ribbon into four equal pieces, no shorter than a foot long. Using a slip knot, tie a piece of ribbon to each corner of the square, bisecting the cross section made by the sticks.
    4. When you have a piece of ribbon attached to each corner, take the unsecured ends of the ribbon and pull them together, so they make a 3D triangle with the square forming the base. Tie the tips of all four pieces of ribbon together at the top, making sure no side is longer or shorter than another.
    5. Thread the needle and push it through the center of a crane’s body. Tie a small knot to secure the crane and continue threading cranes. You can space them out or bunch them together. Make four of these. We recommend at least 10 cranes per strand. You can jazz up the mobile by stringing beads in between each bird (pictured above). Or you can opt for a minimalist look.
    6. Tie each strand securely to a corner of the square, and you are done. Hang this on a hook in the corner of your living room, your baby room, or over your dining room table for an inexpensive but beautiful chandelier.

    Here is a round up of some fabulous DIY mobile projects.

  • Design*Sponge makes a mobile using origami fish
  • Décor8 shows us a fabulous wintertime mobile
  • The folks at Oh Dee Oh show us another way to make a crane mobile
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