ShopSmart Reveals the Most Common Tricky Ad Claims–and How to Avoid Them


As the saying goes, promise (and large promise, at that) is the soul of advertising. Unfortunately, advertisers get to pay for their houses and cars because they sell things well, not because they can keep their promises.

The July 2012 copy of Shopsmart magazine reminds us of this with their timely article that exposes the most common tricky ad claims that companies make. They also share some tips on how to avoid getting suckered in.

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Most Common Ad Claims and How to Avoid Them

Claim: Save big at our giant blowout sale.
Translation: It’s sale after sale around here. If you ever buy anything at full price, you’re a fool.
Warning: Don’t be blinded by a sea of “sale” signs in so many stores. Just because an item is supposedly offered at a discount, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

Claim: Free Bahamas trip, no strings attached.
Translation: We’ll put you up in a skeevy hotel if you attend our all-day sales pitch.
Warning: Offers for free and discounted trips come in many varieties. Some are used to entice you to buy a product or service or to sink your money into dubious investments that earn big commissions for the people who sell them. Others are outright scams to get you to turn over a credit card number. Bottom line: skip free trips!

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