Fashion Week Spring 2008: Mischa Barton is Stalking Me

Misha Barton has the best damn publicist in the world ‘cause this girl is EVERYWHERE this fashion week (well at least at all the places that matter). 

I’m a little confused though. Wasn’t she on a TV show that was canceled in 06 and has only been in one thing since that time (seriously go look at her IMDB page, although she has like five in production ). Why would a designer pay her $25,000 to sit in the front row of their show?

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  1. A.S. says

    She’s young, rather classy (especially when compared to the other celebrities her age, and fashionable. Also, the OC was popular enough to get her noticed by anyone under 30.

  2. Sandy J says

    First off – look at her!  Who wouldn’t want her sitting front and center?! (and by the by Demi looks amazing too) Secondly – this girl/young woman has a tremendous future ahead of her.  She may have some iff-y tastes in boyfriends but at least she hasn’t been to rehab yet.  And I don’t see it in her future!  I had high hopes for another of her previous co-stars (Evan Rachel Wood) and now I;m not so sure – so I say Go Misha!

  3. anna says

    wow, someone has something against mischa… she has great fashion sense, and I personally love her… I loved her on the OC, and why do you care so much how much she gets paid…

  4. shara says

    Ah yes, but couldn’t the same thing be said for Katie Holmes?  She was a hot item at fashion shows even before she hit it big with Tom!

  5. Lana says

    She’s done modeling work as well, so it’s not as though she’s been sitting idly by these last few years. Plus she’s gorgeous to look at and has her own style.

  6. Carla says

    “five in production” is better than a lot of people out there now-a-days.  I dont like or dislike her, but I do know she looks amazing in that photo.  Very classy.

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