Mirrored Accessories Under $30: The Look for Less


No longer necessary objects for the vain, mirrors can be used in countless ways to enhance your décor, whether used as looking glasses or as they appear on home accessories themselves. Because mirrors reflect light, they can make a room feel larger; they also can be used to reflect interesting details of your space. We’ve looked beyond your typical wall-hung mirror to bring you mirrored accessories you can use to play visual tricks within your own home.

We think these mirrored throw pillows ($22, pictured above) from Trenique.com are marvelous! Unlike most mirrored pillows, the mirror accents on them are large enough to actually see items reflected in them.


Create your own wall art with several small mirrors like these ($4.99 for four) from Ikea. Arrange nine of them in three rows of three for a powerful effect. Just make sure they reflect something spectacular like a unique piece of art, beautiful architecture or a gorgeous view.

With a mirrored sconce like this pewter one ($19.99) from Posh Posada, you can reflect objects across the room as well as romantic candlelight.

We spotted this mirrored shadow box with a starting bid of $5 on ShopGoodwill.com. Made in Mexico, it has a gold trim along the edges for an antique look.

Mirrored tables can get pricey, but something like this mirror table runner ($19.99) at MilesKimball.com has the same effect. Use it to reflect candles or a chandelier above.

A mirrored photo frame is a sneaky way to use reflection to your advantage. We found this classic frame ($7.49) at JafGifts.com that can go with just about any décor style.

Metallic accessories add shimmer too. This silvery-bronze pair of mirrored candleholders ($29.99) on eBay has a regal flair.

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