Minimalist Fitness: Go Green


This week on CBS Sunday Morning the Fast Draw guys mentioned that overweight people actually get worse gas mileage, which shocked us so much we dropped our potato chips. But in this economy, the gym membership may be the first thing to go on the “extras” list. If you don’t have perfect weather to run or jog in (or just hate running) you may think you’re stuck carrying around that extra jiggle. But wait! Leo over at Zen Habits recently posted about his method of avoiding the gym while working that body, a practice he calls Minimalist Fitness.

To embrace the Minimalist workout you don’t need anything but your body weight and a room (or outdoors if you prefer) to get started, which leaves us procrastinators without a 300 lb weight set with no more excuses. It also reduces the glut of equipment that often gets shoved under the bed eventually winding up at your garage sale on it sway to the landfill. Leo offers up detailed workout descriptions but encourages everyone to make each workout their own, as you’re more likely to continue doing something you enjoy. Here are the reasons Leo stands behind this practice:

1. No gym fees or need to buy expensive equipment.
2. You can do the workout anywhere, anytime.
3. Most exercises involve many muscles working in coordination, resulting in great overall fitness and strength.
4. For people who are just starting with strength training, bodyweight is often more than enough to begin with. And it gives you a good foundation of strength you can build on later.

While Leo does use a chin bar for his personal drills and admits that after awhile you need to add weights or the routine will no longer be challenging, this is a workout we can afford to start; and start saving on that extra gas.

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