Minced Garlic: Budget Grocery Tip

Fresh garlic usually sells at the market for about $0.99 for three bulbs. Sounds like a good deal, but when you consider the time it takes to mince the garlic (which most recipes require), it’s suddenly not such a bargain.

It’s helpful to keep a bottle of minced garlic in the refrigerator for those times when you need a quick teaspoon or two of garlic and don’t want to fuss with a cutting board and knife. Most grocery stores sell 32-oz jars for around $4, and a recent shopping trip to Costco found a 3-lb. bottle of minced garlic for $3.75. One teaspoon of minced garlic is the equivalent of a garlic clove.

Or if you are a true DIY-er, mince the garlic yourself and store it in a plastic Tupperware container or glass jar. Fill the container of minced garlic with light olive or canola oil, until the oil just covers the garlic, and store in the refrigerator. After about a three days in the oil will take on a garlicky flavor. We use the garlicky oil in home-made salad dressings and on pizza or in pizza dough for some added flavor. Also, minced garlic stored this way maintains its flavor makes it easy to sauté.

Check out McCormick’s website for some delicious and low-cost recipes that call for minced garlic.

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