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What: Laura reviews the new real time social shopping site

The Lowdown: According to, 87% of shoppers do research online before making offline purchases. And we can certainly vouch for that – we love to get inspiration from the Internet before heading out to the shops. That’s where comes in. Its mission is to track every single in-store product in real time. That means you can find what you want online, check on its availability, and then immediately go try it on at the store and buy it.

Our Review: features products that range from automotive security systems to wine,  so we can’t really blame the site for its slim apparel pickings. But it sure is slim. Although Milo has a database of over 50,000 brick and mortar stores, only 13 apparel and footwear chains are currently included. Our favorite Milo retailers are American Eagle, American Apparel, Ann Taylor, Macy’s, Target, and Nordstrom. Whether or not Milo truly delivers real-time product information from these stores remains to be seen. This shopper, for example, was able to find about 1,000 apparel items for her city, but half of them were from American Apparel and Nordstrom alone. That’s not much variety. Even branching out to bigger metros like New York City didn’t yield much selection.

When does add more to its inventory, it could be magical. In addition to searching by city, shoppers can search by availability, brand, specific store, price range, and rating. You can also easily order an apparel item online once you’ve tracked it down, and can even track a specific item for price drops. Let’s say you really want American Apparel’s Le Sac Dress, but its price tag of $38 is $18 over budget. Set a price alert for $20 and if it ever gets that cheap, you’ll get an email about it!

Our Verdict: We dig what is trying to do and are really rooting for it. However, it’s frying too many fish right now. We feel Milo should flesh out one product category at a time, so it can actually fulfill expectations of its users. Right now, its apparel selection is way too limited to be of much use. We hope this will change over time, though, and look forward to seeing the site mature.

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