Miley Cyrus Line on Sale at Wal-Mart Now

What: News hit that Miley Cyrus and designer Max Azria were pairing up for a budget-friendly Wal-Mart line a while back, and lots of people had opinions about that. Well, now that the line’s finally out let the judging commence! The collection includes tie-dye v-neck tees, denim skirts, colorful skinny jeans, and leggings – much of it inspired by the UK fashion scene. Nothing costs more than $20, and in fact, many items are a mere $6.

What They Say:

“Every time I go to Europe I love going to all the funky stores. I wanted to be able to bring those fun styles to the girls of America.”

What We Say: There are certainly some funkier aspects of the line, but a good chunk of the tops and bottoms are pretty basic and anything but original. Regardless, at prices like $6 and $7, one really can’t complain. If you’ve got back to school shopping to do, or you’re super petite, there are definitely a few unique standouts worth checking out – like this $12 plaid tunic.

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  1. Leksi says

    I was surprised, most of the clothes are really cute. :)
    Just bought a purple jacket and sequined cami from her line..<3

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