Cashback from Microsoft

The Word: No, you won’t get your money back from your purchase of Windows Vista, but Microsoft has recently announced that you will get cashback from each purchase you make using their LiveSearch tool. LiveSearch allows you to compare prices between online retailers. When you set up an account, you will get a percentage back from each purchase you make. Thousands of items from hundreds of top brands are available. The amount you get back varies with each item, retailer and price. Once you earn at least 5 bucks back and 60 days pass after the purchase, you can get your cash via Paypal, check, or direct deposit.

Our Word: LiveSearch is Microsoft’s search engine, and this cashback system is a great idea for all parties involved—they get more visitors while we rack up the bargains! Searching for the best deal on this site is addicting—each online retailer competes with the others for your attention. While searching for a laptop revealed a wide variety of prices, looking for designer purses or shoes often yielded only one option. Getting some of your money back from your splurge would still feel good, though. Check out to explore for yourself.

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