Michelle Obama Reminds Us Why We Love Pearls

What: Recently, we reported that Tiffany & Co was shutting down all 16 stores of its pearl jewelry chain, Iridesse. So, maybe we’re crazy to think that pearls are “in” for 2009, but Michelle Obama could bring the elegant trend back. PearlParadise.com is the latest retailer to cash in on the First Lady’s affection for pearls, with a new piece inspired by her.

What We Say: Black pearls, akoya pearls, seed pearls… it’s hard not to love them all, and Michelle Obama – the (reluctant) fashion icon – certainly loves hers. But pearls are timeless, so maybe the question isn’t are pearls fashionable but what kinds of pearls are fashionable?

Taking Tiffany & Co’s hint, we’re guessing the cheap ones will show up in 2009. We say, if you’re gonna go natural, go with smaller, cheaper seed pearls. Otherwise, the man-made, or “cultured,” kind are nearly as beautiful as their natural counterparts, and they’re of course significantly more affordable. Play it safe with traditional white pearls or go with pearls that have a light pink/yellow tint or a more dramatic color. (Hint: if you want to fool your friends, keep in mind that many natural pearls aren’t white white.). You can also hit stores like Claire’s, Target, and Forever21 for great faux pearls for under $20.

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  1. ellyabillion says

    I found some great faux pearl (I think they’re actually glass) bracelets at World Market. They are a cool grey color and irregularly-shaped. They look like large freshwater pearls. I think it was about $10 for 2 bracelets.

  2. librariansarethebest says

    Michelle has not reminded me why I like pearls.  I have loved pearls since I was young when I played with my mothers.  My mother reminds me why I love pearls so very much.

  3. BigGirlBlue says

    I love pearls. But do you think those are real pearls she’s wearing?

    I definitely think smaller would look better on her. She looks awesome in power purple.

  4. chic-chica says

    I love her style! She is so fabulous! I found some pretty good deals on real <a href=“http://www.pearlclassic.com/”>pearl jewelry</a> on pearlclassic.com. I treated myself to a set of pearl earrings with a pearl strand necklace for $39. Not too bad for real pearls I thought. I usually wear glass pearls.

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