Michelle Obama Graces Vogue: Part 2


Photo via: Vogue

Mom dance the heck out of a viral video?  Check.  Rock bangin’ bangs better than a Kardashian?  Check.  Crank out push-ups on national TV?  Check.

Our first lady’s got quite an eclectic resume (Oh, launching the fashion career of a young designer and graduating from Harvard and Princeton.  No big deal, really.) and she’s conquered another milestone.  Nabbing the coveted Vogue cover.  For the second time.  And after months of asking, “WWMOW?” (ie: What will Michelle Obama wear) on the cover of Vogue, we’ve got our answer.  The lovely Mrs. O is wearing a blue Reed Krakoff dress, and no, it wasn’t hand-selected by Anna W. or one of her fashion minions.  It’s from the first lady’s private collection, and that takes guts.  To grace the cover of Vogue in your own clothes and look stunning.  Well played, Mrs. O!

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  1. triciap says

    I don’t know, she looks different. It’s not the bangs. Do you think Vogue would actually airbrush the First Ladies Face?!

  2. G says

    Nice pic. Don’t understand mentioning FLOTUS in the same breath as the Kardashians; she as done something with her life as versus a career based on a sec tape.

    • kin mean says

      You are so right about that……no way i can group them two together.
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