Politics Shmolotics: The Sartorial Choices of Michelle O.

There’s no doubt that stylish women have rocked the first ladyship in the past before, but back then, we didn’t have the wonderful, time-sucking mediums of social media and the Internet, both of which help us obsess and analyze Michelle Obama‘s oh-so-versatile style selections.

Ever since she rocked that gorgeous Jason Wu gown to the inauguration, Mrs. O’s sartorial choices have always weaseled its way into political discourse. Should she have supported an African-American designer in her official First Lady debut? Should Mrs. O be donning non-American brands? How expensive is too expensive?

Politics Shmolotics. Can we just agree that whether it’s a cool one shoulder number that bears her infamous arms or a blue gown that pays homage to Grecian goddesses, Mrs. O has some serious style?

Michelle Obama’s Gorgeous Fashion Choices

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